Why Farm Owners Should Choose NAV Farm as Agriculture Farm Management Software

Why Farm Owners Should Choose NAV Farm as Agriculture Farm Management Software

Now, the way of farming has changed completely with the apps and software systems are available in the market. Choosing the right type of software is the most crucial decision to make. NAV Farm is the right option for you that come with a number of added features and benefits. You have to choose the right one, and get access according to your requirement. Some of the added benefits of NAV Farm that you will get include, but not limited to:

  • Increasing Profitability and Health
  • Cost Effective, Simple and Extendable
  • Pre-Defined Parameters for Farm monitoring
  • Offline Access
  • User Defined Alert post
  • AI Based Real Time Decisions
  • Innovative Farming Support System
  • Farm wise profitability and costs

It is a complete Agriculture Farm Management Software, livestock & poultry ERP Management solution – designed as robust and easy-to-use software that can help you in varied ways. This advanced platform is an ideal option for you – giving you complete control on Feed Conversion Ratio or FCR along with 100% Traceability on your farms and batches. It is an integrated universal app for all farm operation needs. 

It doesn’t matter, whether you are managing a cattle farm, agriculture farm or even anything else in the same domain, you will get a number of added benefits of using this advanced software. NAVFarm gives you complete control on feed conversion ratio, traceability and similar key parameters to fulfill your farm operation needs. It is a universal farm management software for dairy distribution, cattle farm owners, fishery owners, poultry farm owners, and for agriculture businesses. For poultry farm and livestock owners, it is the best option with amazing features – mainly for an absolute traceability from farm to flock.

It is an ideal system for those who want their agribusiness to go with seamless functioning. It can be the best crop management system that can help you manage your farm strategically and pragmatically.

You will be able to keep harvest yield records. The most cumbersome of all is to have records of your harvest and enhance your traceability. Everything from block yield reports to inventory-tracking, product inventory to product delivery, you will get everything streamlined properly.

What Will You Get from NAVFarm Advanced Agriculture Farm Management Software

You will get access to app that will help you create and access agriculture records with ease from your desktop to computer and from tablet or Smartphone to any other device. It enables you to save time, effort, and energy that you can use for other tasks that are pertinent to your agribusiness. You will also be able to keep chemical inventory record. You don’t need to put reminders for your next spray. All your chemical inventory records are based on the purchase and application that are maintained automatically. In this way, it will be a better way to give you leverage and complete control over the spray records. There is a lot more to get. You have to simply download the app or get access.