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If you want to have your agribusiness' seamless functioning, you MUST HAVE a crop management system! Crop management software can help you manage your farm strategically and pragmatically.

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It's time to go SMART with the smartest technology, NAVFarm! A software that helps you keep complete records of your farms, from yields to delivery of your produce.

Harvest Yield Records

The most cumbersome of all is to have records of your harvest and enhance your traceability. However, with NAVFarm, everything from block yield reports to inventory tracking, product inventory to product delivery becomes a cakewalk.

Easy Accessing

NAVFarm agriculture management app lets you create and access agriculture records with ease from your desktop, computer, tablet, or smartphone. This, in turn, enables you to save a lot of time, effort, and energy that you can utilize for other vital tasks pertinent to your agribusiness.

Chemical Inventory Record

Now, you don't need to put reminders for your next spray! With NAVFarm, all your chemical inventory records based on their purchase and application are maintained automatically. This gives you leverage and complete control over the spray records.

Why NAVFarm?

NAVFarm is the leading farm management app for farmers and fruit and vegetable growers. With this agriculture management app's help, you can maintain accurate agriculture farm records, and manage production costs, from planting to shipping.

NAVFarm is the best and most affordable crop management software. It is an integrated and Universal Farm Management Software that helps you optimize your day-to-day tasks. Not only does it enable you to manage all your farm products' deliveries, but it also allows you to manage your customers and online payments.

This farm management app is specifically designed to help farm managers, and vegetable growers have improved productivity and enhanced efficiency.

Have reduced operational costs and churn out maximum revenue with NAVFarm!

It's time to say YES to the most user-friendly crop management system, the NAVFarm System!!



NAVFarm's integrated and Universal Farm Management Software helps you manage your agriculture cycle of fruits, vegetables and grains. With NAVFarm you can easily maintain farm data, like seeding, germination, irrigation, harvesting and field records.


Keeping a track of pre treatment of seeds sown, area covered, soil information, water etc


Full lifecycle of seed to seedling, with recording of water, air, temperature & enzymes


Capturing of pollination records with humidity, water and other parameters


Keeping a track of pre treatment of seeds sown, area covered, soil information, water etc


Entire controlled water release systems data recording for any kind of irrigation methodology


Reaping data for entire crop including post harvesting activities and grading


Information on storage of crops on post harvesting stroage in bags, silos or warehouses

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How do you want an App to be - Easy-to-use, Friendly Features, Awesome Look, Amazing Layout, Robust and Rapid? NAVFarm has it all! Yes, whatever you are looking for in an app, it has all that and that’s what makes NAVFarm a unique app

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