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What is Navfarm?

Agriculture has been the most traditional and effective means of managing the civilization. It is an art and science of growing crops, raising livestock, and cultivating plants. It includes the preparation of plant and animal products to be used by the people and distributed to markets. Agriculture provides most of the world’s food and various other essential items like cotton, wool, wood, paper, and leather, etc. However, the agricultural sector has always been unstructured and unorganized due to a lack of awareness, education, and innovative application to manage business needs. Most of the methods used primarily focus on changing the traditional ways, thereby making them unsuccessful or un-accepted to the majority of people.

Understanding the need of the hour, Prudence Technology has built NAVFARM™, an application specifically meant to manage the Farms and livestock. NAVFARM™ not only helps to manage Farms and livestock but also contributes to achieving the production, food processing, and its distribution, bookkeeping along with critical reporting in a scheduled manner. NAVFARM™ is a user-friendly Business solution which is integrated with ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics etc. It integrates through way- bridges that gives you complete automation and help you to better understand your business and make more confident and informed decisions.

One of the product USPs is managing FCR for the system. Using NAVFARM™ effectively can help you achieve your FCR under the following ratios:

Organizations can explore, monitor, and analyze the data and then use it to plan, mitigate risk, and take action through the in-depth capability of the NAVFARM™. Using NAVFARM™ can improvise both your decision making and performance tremendously.


A Complete Agriculture, Livestock & Poultry
ERP Management Solution

With new generation farmers being educated on the latest technology and penetration of the mobile internet, we can see a change in the traditional ways. Now they can use the NAVFARM the next generation ERP solution for the Poultry, Fisheries, Pig farms, Rearing other animals or producing vegetables. Its ease of use and one time setup helps in defining it as a perfect ERP for Poultry, Fisheries, Pig farms, Rearing other animals or producing vegetables. The benefits of this solution are:

Integrated WebPage
Integrated WebPages

Information gets punched from farm accumulated on weekly basis. Thereby keeping critical information related to feeds & hen are available for analysis.


Date related Feed and GP/P are introduced in the form of batches into the software keeping control over traceability. In case of error or disease root cause can be traced.


For controlling the FCR, Body weight is measured actual vs. expected. Data will be managed via pre recorded data in NAV in comparison to data entered at the farm.


Once the period is complete and rearing is done for a flock, either the selection is done for production or selection is made for those who require rearing further.

Managing Inventory
Managing Inventory

Opening stock would come from NAV, keeping track of every single information on weekly/daily basis. Hence once the rearing is over for multiple farms stock will be visible.

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