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Traditional beehive management methods are cumbersome and lead to the loss of valuable information of your colonies in the process. You need the right Beehive Management Software.

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Transform your valuable information into extensive knowledge with our Beehive Management Software. With NAVFarm, you can have absolute control over your apiary.

Expenses/Day Book

With NAVFarm beekeeping software, you can create handy expenses and day books to keep track of your daily expenses. It provides you with the most accessible platform to deal with your monetary operations. Now you don't need to spend your time on traditional and time-consuming methods!

Record Keeping

Record keeping is the first and foremost requirement for the smooth functioning of apiculture. With NAVFarm, record keeping becomes as smooth as butter for apiculturists of all levels, beginner to experts.

Alerts & Notifications

Stay abreast about your agribusiness! With NAVFarm you can get all the necessary alerts and notifications related to your business, from the market price to the total payment, feeds to flock.

Beekeeping management is not easy, especially when you have different varieties of bees with disparate dispositions. It is best to have a beekeeping management application that can help you deal with your apiary's day-to-day tasks. NAVFarm apiary management software not only allows you to track records of your apiary but also helps you manage your business efficiently.

Why NAVFarm?

NAVFarm Hive Management Software is the best tool to help beekeepers to maintain records. No matter how sharp your memory is – you cannot keep the mental records of your bees; it is not easy and not feasible as well. The right apiary management tool helps you stay organized as you bounce from hive to hive.

This beekeeping software is specifically designed for beekeepers of all levels, from beginners to experts. It is a very user-friendly and robust software that enables beekeepers to capture and manage queen breeding and beekeeping. Apart from this, hive inspection, end to end extraction, apiary management, and honey inventory management can also be done with NAVFarm to improve your business. You can use NAVFarm on both your smartphone and web.

With NAVFarm, beekeeping becomes as smooth as possible. Whether you want to manage your hives or want to have full visibility of the process from grafting to delivery, NAVFarm is the tool to use!



NAVFarm's integrated and Universal Farm Management Software helps you manage your beekeeping farm. Helps you to keep the records of cost, production and sales as well. It helps you to keep a close watch on bee hives as well.

The Egg Stage:

NavFarm enables beekeepers to track and analyze queen bee productivity by maintaining records of egg-laying activity. With generated reports, beekeepers can make informed decisions on queen replacement or breeding programs, ensuring efficient management of their colonies.

The Larval Stage:

It helps to Facilitates tracking of larval development, aiding in distinguishing worker bees and queen bees at the right time. By recording larval age, beekeepers can schedule grafting or queen rearing activities and receive timely alerts for crucial milestones, ensuring efficient management.

The Pupal Stage:

Monitors the growth and development of bees during the pupal stage. Beekeepers can track the formation of vital body parts and assess the health and quality of emerging bees, enabling early detection of abnormalities and timely intervention.

The Adult Stage:

Allows precise tracking of bee development time, enabling beekeepers to optimize management practices and timing of various tasks such as queen introductions, hive inspections, and honey harvesting.

Managing bees and Pollination:

A comprehensive tool for effective management of bee colonies, enabling beekeepers to track hive details, manage tasks, monitor health records, and optimize pollination services.

Honey Harvesting:

Supports beekeepers in managing honey production by providing tools to record and track honey yields, facilitating analysis of productivity and informed decision-making for extraction and processing.

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How do you want an App to be - Easy-to-use, Friendly Features, Awesome Look, Amazing Layout, Robust and Rapid? NAVFarm has it all! Yes, whatever you are looking for in an app, it has all that and that’s what makes NAVFarm a unique app

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