No, but Navfarm is future platform of modern farming management. It empowers farmers to do more and be more productive.

Single Farm Operation with basic functions mentioned in the feature list.

No, person with simple knowledge of using Mobile app can configure by itself.

No there is no such restriction.

Yes, the application will perform the task in native app, however for reporting view it will be mandatory to synch with cloud via internet.

No, it’s just a better way to use Navfarm. Quickly gain all the benefits, plan your move to Enterprising Experience.

Monthly Newsletter, Published Product roadmap, Weekly blogs are prime source of information to keep you updated. Please subscribe at newsletter@Navfarm.com

Yes. All updates to our current applications will be included in your subscription.

Your data will be stored on Navfarm-owned servers hosted in datacentres. We follow industry standard and best security practices

Yes, If you are a Poultry and Cattle farmer you can use single application for managing both farm category.

NAVFarm is available on both Subscription Cloud and On-Premise on request.

It will take 2-3 hours to configure the complete application.

The Business Fundamentals provides insight to help you visualize the recommended features and best practices in each phase of transition

Discover, Optimize and Enhance. Each phase includes a proven business value content, transition tools, templates and more!

Build on SOA, API are available to be easily integrated with any other application.

Yes, Navfarm is building and adding a group of business experts. One who enrols for the app can plan a session with experts, ask questions, and get answers.

Yes, you can export data into standard formats

Yes, you can save your data in your local language.