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NAVFarm dairy management software enables you to handle a large herd of animals in real-time. It lets you manage your dairy farm more efficiently and economically.

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We are in the era of technology. It has become essential to leverage technology for succeeding and achieving set goals. If you are still using those age-old methods of managing your dairy farm, you’re simply letting your rivals stay ahead in the game. This affects not only your performance but also it affects the overall outcome. If you really want to grow and make more profits, then it’s time to adopt technology and use specialized dairy management software.

Deliveries Management

Now, you don’t need to maintain a book or a spreadsheet for your deliveries! NAVFarm dairy management software can do it for you! It allows you to keep track of all your deliveries. Try it out, you will never regret your decision!

Reports Production

NAVFarm allows you to generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports in a few finger taps. You don’t have to spend too much time producing reports now. Instead, you can utilize that time in more constructive things that can help you grow your business.

Expenses/Day Book

NAVFarm is designed in such a way that it takes every aspect of your dairy farm. You do not need to create spreadsheets to keep records of your expenses. NAVFarm dairy management software lets you create handy expenses and day books to keep track of your daily expenses.

With NAVFarm, you can monitor daily milk production records for your entire cattle herd. You can even maintain daily, weekly, and monthly summaries, like total yield per day, total yield per month, average milk per cow, month-wise lowest and highest yields, etc. with this one-of-its-kind dairy management app.

Why NAVFarm?

Wondering which dairy farm software?

NAVFarm is the most straightforward, flexible, and easy to use dairy farm app. It is one of the most scalable and flexible applications that provide our clients with ease of business. It is a user-friendly application, which can be used by anybody with no or little technical knowledge. In short, the NAVFarm dairy record-keeping app makes your life EASY!

It is the best and most affordable dairy farm app. It is an integrated and Universal Farm Management Software that helps you optimize your day-to-day tasks. It not only enables you to manage deliveries of all types of dairy products but also allows you to manage your customers and online payments. It is compatible across devices, and regions. It is designed to help you have reduced operational costs and churn out maximum revenue.

It’s time to bid adieu to old dairy farm management systems and welcome SMART business solutions!

If you are looking for the SMARTEST and the SIMPLEST USER INTERFACE, then NAVFarm is the solution!!



NAVFarm not only enables you to monitor daily milk production records for your entire cattle herd, but also it allows you to maintain daily, weekly and monthly summaries, like total yield per day, total yield per month, average milk per cow, month wise lowest and highest yields, etc.

Herd/Dairy Management

Automatic Registration of births, deaths & stillborns, herd performance , dairy cattle movement and record sales with multi-site/Multi herd/Multi User Support

Cattle Breeding

Breeding reminders, identify breeding opportunities, enhance dairy herd fertility, register new calves, saving data entry time & registration costs, dairy herd performance including Pregnancy Rate and Submission rate.

Milking Parlour Links

Transfer breeding information to and from most computerised milking parlours.

Feed to Yield

Record your yield and its performance with respect to the feed to the herd


Real time Yield control, calves for veal, tracking of milk production, slaughtering due to infertility and costing of products & by products


Track pasture exposure or grain feed, pharmaceutical supplements, feed to growth ratios, body fat and water consumption in different breeds and weather conditions

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How do you want an App to be - Easy-to-use, Friendly Features, Awesome Look, Amazing Layout, Robust and Rapid? NAVFarm has it all! Yes, whatever you are looking for in an app, it has all that and that’s what makes NAVFarm a unique app

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