Explore how Navfarm works for Different Kind of Agriculture Industries

Pig Farm

Keep track of your entire Pig farming business, from controlling feed from breeding, weaning and growing etc. NAVFarm, is a Universal Farm Management Software that gives you complete control over your feed and pigs

Natural and Artificial Insemination

End to End lifecycle of natural and artificial insemination with a boar recorded both individually or on a group

Breeding and Production

Recording data at gestations, farrowing(birth to weaning), nursery(wean to finish) for active males, birthdates, deaths, still borns and gestation and breeding details

Last and Current Breeding

Review last and upcoming breeding dates


See all offspring of individuals including birth, weaning, and sales information


Real time Yield control across slaughtering, meat cutting & retrieval, tracking of parts, by products and costing of products


Understand & track your feed consumption & micro nutrients from wean to finish