A Complete Poultry ERP Management Solution


Prudence Technology has built NAVFARM™, which gives you complete control on your FCR.


NAVFARM gives you 100% Traceability on your Feed & Flock.


NAVFARM gives you complete control on Feed, Hatching, Breeding, Laying and Broiler.

On a quest to create poultry ERP software that makes the farm and livestock management efficient, productive and profitable, Prudence Technology has designed powerful and simple software that provides many solutions. This software provides all the benefits that are needed to organize the farm and livestock practices, maintain records, track the production, manage the resources, analyzing the activities and new trends, gaining important insights and increasing the profitability.

Prudence Technology has built NAVFarm on MS Dynamics to give you complete control on the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR). This poultry farm management software has been developed to give the customers absolute traceability of the feed and flock. In order to make the business process more profitable, productive and efficient, this poultry farm software gives complete control of Feed, Hatching, Breeding, Laying and Broiler.

In addition to managing the activities like planning, scheduling and tracking the production details, this poultry accounting software generates and manages orders, expenses, and income. Easy tracking of all the significant records for the poultry business becomes possible with NAVFarm. It is an all-encompassing solution for developing the poultry business.

A solution for every module

Do you know your best performing FARM?

Instant Information for Intelligent Decisions.


Is your mortality rate increasing?

Flock Health right on your fingertips.


Do you know the bottleneck in your sales funnel?

Increased conversion with Shorter sales cycles.


How do you deliver on time everytime?

Identify Drivers for Maximum Efficiency.



The satisfaction of our customers has been our top priority and that is primarily the reason why we have developed NAVFarm to develop their business. It is well understood that running a poultry farm is a tough job and therefore, our poultry ERP solutions center around providing solutions that can make a difference. As a result, this poultry management software has been developed to manage, plan, track, measure and analyze what works and what does not. Optimum management of data makes a huge difference in the productivity of poultry business and that is why NAVFarm poultry farm software has been designed to make your business profitable and efficient.

Our Clients

To transform your data into business growth, poultry ERP software is an innovative software that helps in clarifying and maintaining all the important data. It is a system that measures the performance of business while avoiding any chances of an error with the assistance of a warning. In addition to planning and managing business processes, the poultry farm software helps in the optimization of business techniques that take decisions for the progress of poultry business.
There are many features of poultry farming ERP software but some of the most important features are:
  • A deep insight into all the important data.
  • Reduction of errors
  • A tool to enhance the poultry business practice developed by experts.
  • Exceptionally smart analyses
  • Simple and user-friendly access
  • Better cost management and avoiding any unnecessary costs
An increase in the demand for high-quality protein in the form of meat and eggs, the need for poultry farms is also on an increase. This means that the process of production should be professional, safe, sustainable and animal-friendly. The NAVFarm poultry ERP software helps in retaining an overview of important data. It is an effective and innovative tool to maintain efficient business practices.
Being a pledge towards quality, the NAVFarm poultry ERP software provides an overview of your company. All the data can be centralized in a clear and structured form with the help of this software. It helps by providing an insight into every little detail with just a click. Making errors will be a thing of the past with the help of this software.