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Manage your farm more efficiently and effectively with Navfarm. Recording and keeping track of your livestock, from birth to sale, and everything in between will be a cakewalk for you.

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Transform the valuable data into growth with the right herd management software, with NAVFarm. A software that helps you have complete control over your livestock.

Reports Production

Produce reports in NO TIME. Just install NAVFarm and get all the reports pertinent to your cattle farm instantly. This livestock management software helps you save a lot of time you otherwise spend on producing reports manually. IT MAKES THINGS QUICKER, FASTER & BETTER.

Financial Management

Manage all your financial records and sales opportunities with NAVFarm Livestock Management Software. It allows you to track, control, and monitor your cash flows in real-time. Besides keeping track of your purchase and expenses, you can also make or receive payments via NAVFarm.

Herd Management

Managing the herd manually can be cumbersome. It is not easy to have complete control over your livestock. However, with the livestock management software, you can keep track of everything, from the number of livestock to height, weight, fertility, and overall health of your livestock.

Whether you are involved in cattle farming or goats farming, livestock management software is A MUST HAVE for you. Of course, to manage a livestock farm conservatively is not easy. It can be hectic, especially when you have different varieties of animals on your farm. Managing livestock farms takes a lot of time, effort, and the workforce. This is the time to be pragmatic and take a step forward for the growth of your farm. Say YES to the appropriate livestock software that considers the various practices to have improved productivity and maintain ease of business.

Why NAVFarm?

Yes, you cannot have just any software. You need the BEST livestock management app for managing your farm the BEST WAY! And when we say the best, then the only software that no other herd management software can beat is NAVFarm.

NAVFarm is the best and most affordable livestock app. It is an integrated and Universal Farm Management Software that helps you optimize your day-to-day tasks. With NAVFarm, you can easily maintain farm data, like breeding records, cattle movements, and herd health and field records. Apart from this, this app reduces any chance of duplicate recording, manual processes, and financial discrepancies.

Having the NAVFarm livestock management app on your phone is like having a magic wand in your hand.

Navfarm is very handy, meant to make both your business and your life smooth sail!



NAVFarm is an integrated and Universal Farm Management Software that helps you optimize your day-to-day tasks. With NAVFarm you can easily maintain farm data, like breeding records, cattle movements, and herd health and field records. Main production stages are cow-calf operations, back grounding, and feedlot

Pasture Exposure and Artificial Insemination

End to End lifecycle of natural, pasture exposure and artificial insemination recorded both individually or on a group

Breeding and Production

Records Active cows, birthdates, death, still borns calving and gestation and breeding details with data of health, comfort, nourishment & safety tracking

Last and Current Breeding

Review last breeding dates, review pregnancy checks and upcoming calving dates

Calving History

See all offspring of individual cows, including birth, weaning, and sales information


Pre Slaughter, Stunning & Slaughtering tracking with Real time Yield control, retrieval, tracking of cuts & parts and costing of products


Track pasture exposure or grain feed, pharmaceutical supplements, feed to growth ratios, body fat and water consumption in different breeds and weather conditions

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How do you want an App to be - Easy-to-use, Friendly Features, Awesome Look, Amazing Layout, Robust and Rapid? NAVFarm has it all! Yes, whatever you are looking for in an app, it has all that and that’s what makes NAVFarm a unique app

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