How it works


(Breeding Farms Management & Broiler Management)
In partnership with Microsoft Dynamics, Prudence Technology has developed livestock management software for capturing all the processes and transactions included in a farm. This software provides solutions for integrating flock performance, sales and purchases, feed formulation, various costs, feed production, and accounting. Contingent on some factors like climatic conditions, geographical conditions, raw materials availability and feed formulas, this livestock tracking software helps in increasing the productivity of the farm. Additionally, a different module of this software assists the farmers in following cost-effective practices with the help of formulas.

A pledge towards quality, this livestock management software is a tool for maintaining high yielding livestock practices. With an approach centered on business development, the main idea behind the development of this software was to devise a method that assists in managing the livestock efficiently and effectively. Managing the herd in a way that derives maximum profit for your business is the prime use of the livestock management system. If you are looking for a way to retain your livestock business in an advantageous way then this software is the right solution for you. Right and regular use of this software will prevent any common errors and human penalties that may otherwise occur manually.

  • FCR(Feed Conversion Ratio)
  • Sexing errors
  • Quantity of feed per day
  • Selection for production
  • Body weight gain
  • Mortality of livestock


  • Farm, Shed and Flock Details
  • Flock Wise Vaccination
  • Daily Entry
  • Mortality and Production details
  • Finalization
  • Bird Transfer
  • Feed Details
  • Mating/Sexing
  • House/Cage details
  • Vaccination Schedule
  • Flock Wise Vaccination Schedule
  • Combined Report
  • Individual Flock Performance Report
  • Flock-Wise Performance
  • Vaccination Report
  • Combined Report


  • Farm, Supervisor details
  • Daily Entry Report
  • Day wise Feed Report
  • Bird Transfer
  • Feed Transfer
  • Flock Wise Vaccination Schedule
  • Flock Sale & Lifting Details
  • Lifting Flock Report
  • Medicine wise Report
  • Vaccination Transfer Report
  • Mortality Summary
  • Identification
  • Farmer Realization Cost Report
  • Vaccination Schedule
  • Weekly Body Weight Report
  • Weight Comparison Report

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