Explore how Navfarm works for Different Kind of Agriculture Industries

Beef Cattle

NAVFarm is an integrated and Universal Farm Management Software that helps you optimize your day-to-day tasks. With NAVFarm you can easily maintain farm data, like breeding records, cattle movements, and herd health and field records. Main production stages are cow-calf operations, back grounding, and feedlot

Pasture Exposure and Artificial Insemination

End to End lifecycle of natural, pasture exposure and artificial insemination recorded both individually or on a group

Breeding and Production

Records Active cows, birthdates, death, still borns calving and gestation and breeding details with data of health, comfort, nourishment & safety tracking

Last and Current Breeding

Review last breeding dates, review pregnancy checks and upcoming calving dates

Calving History

See all offspring of individual cows, including birth, weaning, and sales information


Pre Slaughter, Stunning & Slaughtering tracking with Real time Yield control, retrieval, tracking of cuts & parts and costing of products


Track pasture exposure or grain feed, pharmaceutical supplements, feed to growth ratios, body fat and water consumption in different breeds and weather conditions