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Dairy Product & Distribution

Milk and other dairy products are a result of livestock farming practices. Dairy products are one of the most important sources of protein for human beings. Given the importance of dairy and the various products that come from it, there was a need to develop software that helped in the maintenance of optimum dairy farm management. Build on MS Dynamics, the NAVFarm Dairy ERP software that provides great functionality for the dairy industry. Making sure that the dairy products are managed and distributed in the right way, this software assists the dairy business immensely.

In addition to managing the distribution of dairy products, the dairy management system is tailored around the needs of sales, production and the supply chain management of various companies that center on making dairy products. Primarily developed to come up with innovative technology for managing, planning, balancing and controlling the milk production, this dairy milk management software supports the organizational issues well. The software will help you coordinate the process of milk procurement, milk processing and other various stages involved in the distribution to all the whole sellers and retailers.



Live Stock Management
  • Livestock counts by state, breed type, and vaccination
  • Feed Consumption Information
  • Revenues, Expenses and Profit/Loss
Milk Yield Management
  • Livestock daily milk yield-morning and evening includes Fat & SNF
  • Dairy Farm daily milk production-morning and evening includes Fat & SNF
Feed management
  • Feeding Strategy Definition
  • Auto record of feed consumption based on feeding strategy.
  • Feed consumption history
  • Ingredient list & rates
  • Feed formulas & cost
Provisions Management
  • Helps to benefit from markets prices if dairy farm preparing own cattle feed
Stock Management
  • Stock Register
  • Procurement Entry
  • Stock Transfer
Vendor Management
  • Quality
  • Stock
  • Ageing
Distribution Network
  • Procurement
  • Stock
  • MIS

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