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For many people who are involved in the sub-sectors of agriculture in developing and developed nations, poultry farming is progressively turning into a well-known practice. The entire process involved in poultry farming is expansive that necessities keen observing so as to increase the outputs. Poultry farming needs a management system ... Read More
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Most common questions which keep on surfacing for a livestock industry can be: Are you having a problem in managing a Rearing or a Commercial Broiler farm? Or do you have integrated farm operation with different software to manage. Arriving at the right cost for your EGG? Is achieving traceability a challenge you ... Read More
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Technology is a flourishing entity. It is continuously impacting or changing the ways we adopted before in order to manage our routine works. Technology has penetrated in almost every aspect of today’s life. For example, we use technology in the food industry, aviation, agriculture, business, shopping, etc. With every passing ... Read More
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Poultry Business


Lately, the process of poultry farming has increased enormous prevalence in many countries. Poultry farming is an area that requires close checking if the executives want to expand the benefits and that can be best done with the help of a poultry farming ERP. At present, it is one of ... Read More
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The poultry business ranges over a diverse sector which needs careful management and monitoring in order to benefit as much as possible from out of the poultry exercises and increment the profits. The business of poultry farming needs software with separate modules that take into account the various practices to ... Read More
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Poultry ERP software


A business of poultry farming is commonly worthwhile and whenever it is run appropriately and supplemented with good poultry ERP software, it offers an extraordinary potential for its investors. A poultry business mainly concentrates on dairy products, egg generation, chicken reproducing, or meat creation. Poultry manages chicken, which besides other ... Read More
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The Poultry industry is ever evolving on account of its many uses in the food and dairy business. Poultry business is responsible for defying the specific challenges associated with breeding, hatching and the right maintenance of the poultry farms. This calls for technological support that supports the business both qualitative ... Read More
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Synopsis: As a result of the increase in the world’s population there has been steep increase in demand for food supply. Due to this industries are putting considerable effort into innovate methodologies to make food production more efficient, smarter, profitable yet being affordable. Current statistics suggest 85-90% of world population ... Read More
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From many years the livestock industry is moving towards efficient ways of feed utilization in order to maximize the output product. To achieve this livestock industry needs dependable indicators to figure out the performance of livestock after ingesting the feed. Means how efficiently livestock has converted the feed into the ... Read More
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Effectiveness of IoT in livestock management


In today’s world, IoT needs no introduction. It finds its utility in almost every areas of our life. Furthermore, in the previous four years, we have managed to find more complex integration of IoT to make life easier. In this article, we will discuss about effectiveness of IoT in livestock ... Read More
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