Most common questions which keep on surfacing for a livestock industry can be:

  1. Are you having a problem in managing a Rearing or a Commercial Broiler farm? Or do you have integrated farm operation with different software to manage.
  2. Arriving at the right cost for your EGG?
  3. Is achieving traceability a challenge you wish to overcome?
  4. Achieving Global standard FCR for your livestock?


NAVFarm helps with single source of truth to manage your complete business process. Whether you are a feed manufacturer, manage farms & operations like Laying, Hatching, Contract Farming, Food production & distribution, equipment manufacturing & installations, farm construction, and Medicine etc. can be managed through single app. NAVFarm comes with mobile app/tablet to manage remote farm operations.

NAVFarm  can manage all critical business functions like Inventory (Lot/Batch) with dual unit of measurement including catch weight, Product Code, Product, Category, multiple price list, Segmented chart of accounts with dimensions, MPS, MRP, warehouse management, IFRS compliant, GDPR ready, Service oriented architecture of application, security controls up to supervisor level at farm level, asset management with monitoring via IOT, management information summary etc.

Below listed are few advantage which can make you identify how effective NAVFarm can be for your Farm operations.

  • Farm Operations
    • Daily Flock/Shed parameter entry.
    • Efficient cost tracking as a result of recording all cost related aspects.
    • Better inventory control.
    • Traceability from flock to the final chicks.
    • Advance planning and scheduling for the setter to the hatchery.
    • Cost Management
  • Production Processing
    • Meat packaging
    • Product selection
    • Lot Traceability
    • Proper handling of edible products
    • Rendering
  • Food Retail & Distribution
    • Efficient food Traceability
    • Quality management and movement of food products
    • Complete tracking of wastes and by-products
    • Packaging & Dispatch Management
    • Discount handling, schemes and promotional offers
  • Feed Manufacturing & Distribution
    • Create batches as you invoice for feed, apply grain bank from the Commodity Manager, and/or use the company-owned grain that you are selling to the customer.
    • Choose from a variety of mix sheet styles.
    • Use multiple units of measure for the same ingredients.
    • Track regulated ingredients by lot number to meet bookkeeping and Traceability requirements.
    • Print numerous inventory reports to track product availability, costs, pricing and sales history.
  • NAVFarm helps manage critical features and parameters like Feed Formulation, Traceability, Acceptability, Multiple Price List, FCR, Egg costing etc.  
  • NAVFarm comes with Business ready reports like management dashboard, week on week growth, ageing analysis, farm analysis etc
  • NAVFarm is completely built on Microsoft Dynamics platform 
  • NAVFarm supports 3rdparty integration like Weigh-Bridge integration 

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central, NAVFarm is a complete livestock management application with complete workflow, audit trail and all important functionalities for managing business operations. Prudence Technology is a pioneer in livestock management. For more information about NAVFarm , please write to us at