For many people who are involved in the sub-sectors of agriculture in developing and developed nations, poultry farming is progressively turning into a well-known practice. The entire process involved in poultry farming is expansive that necessities keen observing so as to increase the outputs. Poultry farming needs a management system for the simplicity of overseeing the various processes in the right manner. It is for this reason poultry ERP software is the need of the hour. An ERP solution like that of NAVFarm is efficient, functional and has the adaptability to deal with any measure of information is of great importance in the success of poultry business. Here is an ultimate guide that will help you gain a better understanding of how is it possible to save time and money using NAVFarm poultry ERP software:


    So as to derive more profits, special care has to be taken care of the parent stock. To be able to do this, a management process like that of livestock management software that keeps an account of the hatchery system is vital. The NAVFarm ERP solution manages the stock quickly and efficiently by saving all the significant information. The modules are created to have a precise knowledge of purchase management, sales and production management, finance management and accounts management.


    A Poultry ERP software is a comprehensive and precisely integrated solution that caters to fulfilling different functions on a poultry farm. It offers the business owners with all the important information. This information gets updated on a regular basis and helps in improving the overall decision-making process that focuses on achieving targets. The software lets the poultry business owners measure their goal vs. actual performance in an accurate manner. Critical inputs like the cost of production per chick, feed, egg, production performance, feed consumption rate, updating and deleting the stock at any time, etc. are all calculated easily.


    With the help of livestock and farm management software, it becomes possible to consequently sort and condense the presentation report of all incubation and hatchery equipment, the veterinary prescription, the feed utilization report, and the overall delivery report. The modules in the ERP software assist in developing a better understanding of the overall livestock and farm operations at any given time which further helps in easy and automatic management. The NAVFarm Poultry ERP software saves both time and money with an enhanced report of statistics.


    Configuring an improved workflow that centers on sales, production, purchases, and supply chain with complete audit control becomes possible with the help of farm inventory management software. An automatic process that involves constant upgradations of invoices for feed, chicks, and rearing is done. This feature allows saving time and value immensely thereby running a high quality and value-driven business.


    This poultry ERP solution includes an extensive functionality that gives the best breeder reporting that monitors the inputs, outputs, and receipts based on flocks. In addition to this, quality control checks are maintained which are used to update the sales, production, material and procurement decisions. As a result, increased efficiency and speed is noticed in the flow of products and materials.

Created with the help of a Microsoft Dynamics ERP platform, the NAVFarm poultry ERP software is an effective solution that tailors to optimizing the sales and production, supply chain and financial management for increased profits. Get this software to make sure that the different processes like rearing, breeding, hatching, and the processing processes are carried out to derive great profits and efficiency.