Synopsis: As a result of the increase in the world’s population there has been steep increase in demand for food supply. Due to this industries are putting considerable effort into innovate methodologies to make food production more efficient, smarter, profitable yet being affordable. Current statistics suggest 85-90% of world population is non-vegetarian. Hence we all can understand importance of a poultry farm.

The environmental conditions in poultry houses are a key factor in the growth of the birds. We cannot expect Un-healthy birds to grow as per standard. Importantly hatched chick cannot maintain a proper body temperature without help. Hence monitoring key parameter and that on a real time basis is important. The blog shall take you through how modern day farm uses technology like www.navfarm.comto manage and have automated critical business processes to ensure zero deviation from the standards.

Identifying need to effectively control poultry farm?

Consider a challenge where chicks with reduced weight gains, while high NH3 levels result in poor feed conversion, reduced weight gain and increased susceptibility to disease. This further can lead to depress growth and decrease feed conversion efficiency in broilers ultimately forcing to increase mortality rates.

Similarly there is increasing concern in the poultry industry with regard to high ambient temperatures; this concern may be attributed to rapid development of the industry with climate change and also to reduced performance and increased mortality of poultry specifically during summer. They resort to panting as temperatures increase which increased metabolic rate and evaporative cooling. Body temperatures must remain close to 41 degree centigrade; an increase beyond the regulated adverse results. Thereby the birds consume less food, and convert the feed less efficiently.

Also, if ventilation is not sufficient, heat stress can occur at a variety of temperatures. In cooler climates, birds are susceptible to cold stress. Cold temperatures during the initial stages of the broiler cycle could result in impaired immune and digestive systems, which will result in reduced growth and an increased probability of contracting poultry diseases. When birds lose heat at an uncontrolled rate, cold stress occurs. If bird feed is converted to heat energy for warmth, bird daily growth rate is reduced.

Why do we need Smart Poultry Farm?

  • Integration of sensors with mobile network for Monitoring Parameters like FCR, Mortality, etc.
  • Keep control on the farm cycle while managing the average delivery weight of chick.
  • Bird live weight, heartbeat, feed intake, ventilation
  • Calculation of eggs collected to prevent theft and keep watch on crack eggs.
  • Control of the environment in a poultry farm via Internet based Smart Sensing Platform
  • Other factor like monitoring temperature & air pollution level in the farm.
  • Create alert on task like vaccination, identification or deviation like heat, humidity, noise etc
  • This is intended to make work much easier and efficient in poultry farm management.
  • Keep a watch on standard vs. deviations male and female wise.

How does NAVFarm can help you convert into Smart farms?

Prudence Technology has created NAVFarm on the platform of Microsoft Dynamics using open source technology to enable and ensure data is collected at every level, automatically as well as manual. With a core objective of integrative farm to fork, NAVFarm ensures management of complete forward backward integration. Critical area defined within NAVFarm:

  • Feed Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Livestock Management
  • Layering and Hatcheries Management
  • Slaughtering and Food Processing
  • Equipment Manufacturing
  • Medicines Manufacturing
  • Food Distribution & Retail

The platform is extended on mobile and tablets to enable farmed capture the data. IOT also contributes in capturing of critical data like parameter monitoring, vaccination schedule, temperature management etc. Similarly it can help you in controlling quality and standardization across contributing to your brand and help creating market for your product. For more information please visit