I know how stressful the whole thing gets when it comes to finding a solution to have absolute control over your poultry. One of my friends who runs a large scale poultry farm was so stressed at one point, he was, in fact, on the verge of shutting down his business and do something else. I met him while I was in the market; I just asked how he is doing, he answered sadly. He even looked upset, I asked him why he seemed so upset.

He told me the reason it was his poultry farm, which was the cause of his disturbance. He was not able to manage his stock, the production, and then poultry diseases were causing him a huge loss in his business. Of course, that was sad to hear, but being a writer is a blessing. Yeah, you get to interact with people from different genres altogether.

I advised him not to shut down his business; instead, he should think of a SMART SOLUTION. Undoubtedly, a poultry farm is always considered to be more of a traditional approach when it comes to adopting the technology. However, with new market trends, it has become inevitable for farm owners to keep themselves abreast with these technologies. The different type of areas where implementing technology can be helpful are:

  • Rearing Farm Evolution
  • Supply chain management
  • Business Processes such as sales, purchase, Finance, etc.

I advised him to go for an ERP solution if he really wants to have a peaceful life and management of his business. At first, he looked a bit reluctant, but later, he was convinced. I simply asked him to take a shot, there is no harm in that. He implemented the software, and today he is more than happy, and his profits have also gone high.


First things first, the ultimate objective of this life is to be happy! Oh! Do you find this awkward here, but trust it is true. Whatever you do in your life should bring you happiness, because only then you perform your best. If you feel sad or distressed while doing something, you are in a mess, I tell you! A poultry ERP solution is vital so that you can have a peaceful life. ERP software will not only make your business process more profitable, productive, and efficient, but it will make your life easier and comfortable. You will have complete control over your poultry farm from the Feed to Hatching, Breeding to Laying, and Broiler. Apart from this, you would be able to manage your farm and livestock efficiently. 

However, the ERP software that you go for must serve the purpose well. Going for some random solution won’t help you fetch 100% results. An end to end ERP software, such as NAVFarm, can work as a complete solution for poultry farm management. This software integrates all the processes as well as they provide the required information in a centralized structured data. The purpose of this post is to discuss the key features of the best ERP Software for Poultry Business. When you go for an ERP software for your farm, make sure you check for these features. 

Here we go……

10 key features of Best ERP Software for Poultry Business

#1. Pre-defined Parameters

The ERP software should be able to help you keep track of entire poultry farm processes. You should be able to capture the information related to feed, hatching, breeding, broilers, etc. and calculate critical parameters such as Mortality Ratio, Vaccination schedules, Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR), etc. Moreover, these pre-defined parameters should assist you in planning the feed as per the schedules.

#2. Traceability

Traceability is another important feature that poultry ERP software should provide you with. It helps you in keeping the traceability of the origin of the flock, farm, etc.

#3. Sales/Customer Management

With the right ERP software, you can have Happy Customers. You can have control over everything from customer schedules to dispatch schedule along with integration with Finance. Besides, you can even keep your customer credit limits in control while keeping the business as usual. Apart from this, you will have effective control over the receivables, reasoned order booking along with the traceability, and better planning for dispatch.

#4. FCR Tracking 

An ERP software should help you track your Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR). You can explore, monitor, and analyze the data and use it to mitigate risk and take action accordingly. Besides, it helps you make the right decisions and have enhanced performance.

#5. Cloud-Based Solution

Cloud-based ERP solutions are becoming increasingly popular these days because of the benefits they offer. Applications and data stored on external servers can easily be accessed from any device with the help of the internet. Cloud-based poultry ERP solutions help you have increased performance and high profitability. 

#6. Multi-Farm Operations

An ERP software should assist you in handling multi-farm operations. Of course, spending money on software that takes care of only one part won’t help you as much as software that takes care of multi-farm operations can do, like NAVFarm. You can handle your Multi-Farm Operations like flock management, to maintaining the database and records of the entire business.

#7. Expense Tracking

Having something handy to track your expenses at any given point of time is excellent. The expense tracking feature is one of the most important features of ERP software. Not only it helps you track your expenses, but also it helps in managing and controlling unnecessary spending. Expense tracking at each stage can help you in creating better costing and financial reporting.

#8. Alert and Notification

Discrepancies are part and parcel of any business; however, to have a track of them is your duty. A poultry ERP software should have an alert and notification feature so that you can have complete information about the discrepancies, high mortality rates, etc. on the farm. 

#9. Offline Access

Not every time you will be in the network area, sometimes there will be no network. But no network should not mean, NO WORK. An ERP software should provide you with offline access so that your work doesn’t stop even in no network zones. It will result in increased efficiency and productivity, all in all.

#10. Finance Management

Lastly, Finance is the end result of all the business processes! Whether you want to have better cash flow projections or easier management of the books. Using the right ERP software can help you have tight integration of all the activities related to Finance. You can do everything from the inventory valuation to fixed asset accounting in a single integrated software. In fact, you can handle multiple businesses with an integrated farming ERP solution


Whether you are planning to expand your poultry business, or want to have complete control over it, migrating from the traditional processes to new generation software can help you achieve your goals. Adopting a farm ERP software can help you create more business opportunities with higher returns.

If you are confused with which software you should go ahead with, then consider NAVFarm, Poultry Management Software. You can go for the trial version of NAVFarm, and make a huge difference, both in your life and business. It is a perfect ERP software that perfectly fits in your needs and provides you with all the benefits that you need to organize your farm and livestock practices.

Disclaimer: This post has been written by one of the customers and admirers of Navfarm based out in South Africa. All the points in the article are his own personal opinion based on his experience of more than a decade in farm management .