Under the current geo economic environment, challenges have been compounded specifically if we speak around the agriculture sector. There are several challenges with the current data capturing systems that would require innovation to overcome these challenges. On a quest to create poultry ERP software that makes the farm and livestock management efficient, productive and profitable, Prudence Technology has designed powerful and simple software that provides many solutions. 

Discover how NAVFarm can systematically eliminate the key concerns and addresses challenges which can in turn help you plan modernized farming in an effective manner. With NAVFarm a poultry farm can adapt to modernized farming primarily through: 

  • Cost Effective, Simple and Extendable
  • Maintaining Transparency: 
  • User Defined Alerts (UDA)
  • Pre-Defined Business Rules
  • Easy Farm Data Entry
  • AI Based Decision Making System 
  • Use of Advance Technology

Discover how NAVFarm can systematically eliminate the key concerns and addresses challenges. Please refer below points for detailed 

  • Cost Effective, Simple and Extendable
    • Single App for maintaining all Farm Records.
    • Start with single user for free
    • Easy to activate 
    • Manage various aspects in a single application
      • Breeder Management
      • Layer Broiler Management
      • Commercial Broiler Management
      • Hatchery Management
      • Feed Management
    • Enable Quick Decision Making
    • Experience NAVFarm on any Device 
    • Stay Organized Instantly 
    • Act Right from Your App
    • Get More Done with NAVFarm 
    • Integration with Common Advance ERP systems like QuickBooks, Tally MS Dynamics, Sage etc
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  • Maintaining Transparency: 

Its highly important for a Farm to maintain transparency in order to create trust within their buyers. We should follow the quote from a successful businessman “In god we trust, and rest is all data”. Hence, accumulating and maintaining right set of data can not only ensure you transparency in your farm but shall also provide necessary controls based on the informatics generated to measure farms KPI. Please refer below how NAVFarm can help you in maintaining and ensure transparency. 

  • Maintaining Body Weight Growth as per Standards
  • Maintaining Ratio of Mortality and Cull 
  • Maintaining Grading of Eggs (AA, A or B)
  • Maintaining Infertile & Damage Eggs.
  • Maintaining records like Hatch Bird Date, Weight Location etc 
  • Maintaining Traceability (Forward and Backward)
  • Maintaining Hygiene: Monitor O2, CO2, CO, Ammonia, Inspirable Dust, Relative Humidity, Ventilation etc
  • Maintaining Disease prevention with scheduled vaccination and vet vis
  • Practise Cannibalism in case of Overcrowding, Excessive heat, disease etc. 
  • Maintaining Data Security etc
  • User Defined Alerts (UDA) 

With our experience in poultry domain the 2nd most influential point a system should have is notification and user defined alerts (UDA) to avoid mistakes. NAVFarm can flag if birds are over or under performing compared to the average performance for a particular farm/flock cumulatively or shed wise, helping farmers to make more informed decisions. Refer below list of User Defined Alerts (UDA)

  • Reminder for parameters like Body Weight, Mortality, Feed Consumption etc
  • Deviation from Standard Parameters like BW, Mortality, Feed Consumption etc
  • Vaccine Schedules & Doctor Visits 
  • Hygiene Schedules 
  • Expiry of Medicine
  • Low Stock Alerts
  • Placement & Plucking
  • Equipment Maintainence Schedules 
  • Water Supply Schedules 
  • Waste Collection (Capturing humidity level) 
  • Pre-Defined Global Rules: 

With our consolidate learning across the globe the application we claim that a small/individual farmer would require 2 hours to set up the application. This is primarily due to pre-defined configuration and pre-defined business rules along with comparatives to ensure our every user gets access to the best system in the world. Also, with this competing against other players becomes easy.  

Evolution of poultry compared to other Agri sector has been phenomenal and lot of consolidated research has generated. This has help create best practices which when followed can lead to a healthy and profitable farm. 

Our experience in implementing across various continents has helped a lot in creating these best practises. Be it Aviagen, Hubbard, Bovans, Ross or Cobb etc the system comes with pre-defined standards. Benefits that result from a business using a standard system are:

  • Improved Cost Control.
  • Planning and decision making.
  • Easier measurements.
  • Cost savings in record-keeping.

With Pre-Defined Breed & Business Masters, Parameter and Template farmer can easily configure the application quickly and deployed for use. For ex: Parameters in the system are pre-defined so that farmer can have a easy reference point and do not spend time in creating which has been already created. Please refer below sample

Kindly refer below to the list of some Pre-Defined Parameters a farmer shall get once he configures the application. 

  • Masters 
    • Basic Accounting
    • Bird/Flock/Inventory
  • Standard VS Actual 
  • Template 
  • Farm Operation Parameter 
  • Production Order
  • Egg Grading 
  • Feed Formulation etc
  • Easy Data Entry 

Predominantly we understand few things clearly that though the agriculture has been the among oldest occupation of our society, there are two main challenges with the sector:

  • Unstructured Sector 
  • Un-educated workforce

Discover how FarmIT is committed to deliver IT right and ensure success. Sign up to explore and understand how we can help you win and grow.

  • Business Continuity: Remove silos with integrated processes across departments. Access information from anywhere and update on fingertips.
  • Stay Focused: Stay focused and work productively with configurable role-tailored centre that shows information pertaining to your job role.
  • Business Anywhere: Access through any mobile devices on the move. Adapt global practise, improve performance and decision making.
  • Lead with Cloud: Benefit from system scalability and business agility while enjoying the universal farm application
  • Advanced Protection: Security measures like device binding, offline synchronization, audit trails, data encryption, automatic regular backups, ransomware protection, etc.
  • Available on Common platform: Available for download on App store (Android & Apple) 

NAVFARM™ helps organizations to better understand their business and make more confident decisions. NAVFARM™ also integrates through way-bridges to give you complete automation. NAVFARM™ is a user-friendly Business solution

In addition to managing the activities like planning, scheduling and tracking the production details, this poultry accounting software generates and manages orders, expenses, and income. Easy tracking of all the significant records for the poultry business becomes possible with NAVFarm. It is an all-encompassing solution for developing the poultry business.

  • AI Based Decision Making System 
  • Breeding
  • Layer – Brooding
  • Layer – Flock Production
  • Layer – Summary
  • Layer – On – Set Lay
  • Hatchery – Egg Setting
  • Hatchery Performance 
  • Hatchery – Egg Sales 
  • Broiler – Placement & Growth Analysis
  • Broiler – Production Analysis 
  • Use of Technology – IoT

Technologies like drones, autonomous tractors, seeding robots, and automation contribute in dramatic reduction in farmers’ reliance on migrant labour. It is important to monitor parameters and specifically those who can be done via wireless sensor technology, which can be set up on farms to monitor health and welfare which can allow the sector to take a significant step forward. IoT Monitoring 

  • Temperature
  • Bird Count
  • Water Supply 
  • Monitor Oxygen, CO2 Emission, Carbon Monoxide, & Ammonia, 
  • Inspirable Dust, 
  • Bird Circumferences (Growth)
  • Relative Humidity, 
  • Ventilation. etc 

Our objective is to monitor performance remotely, reduction of inputting manual data and key health and environmental parameters can be recorded and analysed on one platform through automation.