Modernized Farming is a complex web that involves producers, consumers, agricultural and inputs, processing and storage, transportation and marketing, etc. Though there has always been a need to upgrade international standards and methods for bringing effectiveness in the sector, but it during these torrid times there is now an utmost need for all the associated to ensure defined global guidelines for hygiene, working conditions and living facilities on agricultural activities, as well as throughout the value chain, that needs to be reinvented in the light of the pandemic. 

On the one hand, having witness a severe labour shortage due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems unlikely that farmers will return to business as usual. Primarily due this, many farmers will probably attempt to mitigate the risks and resume operations by reducing the dependence on workers and automating more of their farm operations. At the same time there would be a reverse migration due to COVID-19 which shall provide an opportunity for hinterland administration to engage the returned labourers in gainful employment.

Under any of the above circumstances, elimination of human to human contact and non-essential farm visits likely by Vet, Contractors etc shall be a common phenomenon post COVID-19 where isolated farms shall produce and supply with Zero Touch & Zero Visit. More emphasis shall remain on normalizing economy and business the farmer needs to ensure maintain standards and a healthy farm. 

The weak linkages of the sector highlighted by agricultural experts who believe that the small agriculture farms would not ensure profitability under the current set of challenges until they do not renovate themselves. This could lead institutional changes in the way farms are organised, mainly through the automation of small farms.

NAVFarm is an universal farming app which has been continuously working under these guideline and has been constantly improvising livestock agriculture farming record keeping standards. The app has been designed to ensure following: 

  • Mitigate Distress in farmers
  • Strategize to consolidate markets 
  • Prevention of Disease in animals/birds 
  • Prevention of domino effect

NAVFarm is an effective application to manage the Farms and livestock. NAVFarm helps managing Farms and livestock‚Äôs but also contributes to manage the advance bookkeeping, Feed Manufacturing, Food processing and its distribution, production along with critical report in scheduled manner. NAVFarm also integrates through way-bridges to give you complete automation. The application constitutes of following: 

  • Finance & Costing 
  • Planning & Budgeting
  • Procure to Pay 
  • Order to Dispatch
  • Production & Subcontracting 
  • Material Management
  • Sales Distribution
  • Business Analytics 

If you are a small or single farmer you can effectively manage your farm maintaining day book, expenses, inventory, placement, farm entry, analysing cost and various dashboard & reports required on daily, weekly and monthly basis. 

  • Receivable & Payable
  • Masters
  • Farm Operations
  • Advance Analytics & Reports

Discover how NAVFarm can systematically eliminate the key concerns and addresses challenges

  • Cost Effective, Simple and Extendable
  • Maintaining Transparency: 
  • User Defined Alerts (UDA)
  • Pre-Defined Business Rules
  • Easy Farm Data Entry
  • AI Based Decision Making System 
  • Use of Advance Technology

With use of NAVFarm, farm operations are simplified, and profitability increased. Below mentioned are advantage of using NAVFarm 

  • Our users have witnessed improvements in efficiency, reduced feed conversion ratios, increased resistance to disease and improved yield of meat and eggs.
  • Working with some of the premium farms, NAVFarm can help you in benchmarking performance. 
  • This new technology which can be set up within couple of hours, enable producers to remotely monitor bird performance.
  • NAVFarm allows accurate and reliable data collection on-farm, which can help producers maximise bird performance and also help improve supply chain transparency
  • NAVFarm helps organizations to better understand their business and make more confident decisions

Target Audience: 

  • GPP & GP Operations
  • Large & Medium Breeder, Layer Broiler, Commercial Broiler and Hatchery Farms
  • Small or Single Farmer Layer Broiler, Commercial Broiler and Hatchery Farms

Designed to manage Eco System: 

  • Breeder & Layer Farm having Contract Grower
  • Feed Manufacturer & Distributor
  • Medicine Manufacturer & Distributor