Simplify Your Cattle Operation. NAVFarm works with your existing software to centralize operations, inform the purchase decisions and manage risk.

NAVFarm is the best Dairy CattleAngus CattleQurbani CattleStockers Cattle, and Beef cattle farm management software that will help you to optimize the performance of your farm and increase your productivity.

  • It is a Decision-making tool with fast, easy data entry, and flexible yet powerful reporting.
  • Breeding, males, semen, individual records, growing, feed management, financial, medical, and so on
  • Available for Web, Desktop, and Mobile platforms(Android & Mac). All working in sync.
  • Store in your databases on your premises or in the Cloud system.

Core Features

Sales/Purchase – The Purchase modules includes the amount for which the animals has been purchased as well as the cartage included to brings the animals to the farm and the other miscellaneous expenses.

The Sales Modules are of the different categories for different types of cattles; the animal can be sold with an amount directly decided by the farm owner or it can also be sold through the weight of the animals.

Cost Analysis – Cost analysis indicates the overall total amount invested on a particular animal; it also takes into account the daily expenses that are being made on the cattle as well as daily productions the cattles are producing.

Weight Projection – Farms usually weight each cattle bi-weekly and it is very important to them that the weight of the animals is increasing rather than going down, this usually depends on the type of feed being fed to the cattles.

In the Weight Projection module, the software here calculates the previous weight with the current weight and an analysis of the weight is projected.

Dairy Milking – Daily Milking (twice a day) is fed into the software and the everything is then calculated at the back end of the software application to give the owner an outcome of the production taking place.

Vaccination Track – Vaccination plays a very-very important part in a cattle farm, as it involves a cost. Vaccination Modules is very easy to use and as the vaccination is done this ads up the cost of the particular vaccination into the cost of the animals care.

Cattle Feed Management – In cattle feed management, Cattle farms usually have the different types of feeds. Depending on the weights or the productions the owners decided which category feed is to be fed to the cattle.

Shed Management – Large and Medium Cattle farms have multiple sheds and it is important that each shed is being maintained separately eventually calculated as a whole farm.

Shed management Modules does that in a very smooth manner and reports are generated as the user wants.

Reporting Module – In Reporting Modules, Everything being entered into the software application is one way or the other calculated and is an outcome in the form of reports.

Cattle farm owners can have custom generated reports, Daily Milking reports, Animal Profit/Loss, Weight Projections reports and Cattle Farm Profit / Loss Report.

NAVFarm is the best Herd and cattle management software Helping farms of all sizes manage over a million cattle

  • Suckler– Make the best breeding decisions and speed up the registrations
  • Store – Manages the healths of your animals and speed up the cross-compliance
  • Finishing – Monitor the performance of your herd and link with leading abattoirs
  • Pedigree – Track the performance of individual bulls and link to 6 pedigree societies

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