Fishes are rich in protein, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids. Incorporating fish in your diet can help you grow stronger and faster, it also contributes significantly to the development of the brain. According to a report by State Of Fisheries And Aquaculture, 88% of the total fish production in 2016 was done to fulfill the demand for fish consumption. 

Fishery refers to the catching or rearing of fish for human consumption. It is conducted at water resources like a river or the ocean, either through natural processes or by human intervention. To collect fishes, two types of commercial processes are undertaken, fishing and aquaculture.

Catching fishes with the help of fishing equipment like boats, nets, and fishing rods is called fishing. Aquaculture is the cultivation of fish by controlling the environment that they live in. It involves breeding, raising, and harvesting of fish. Aquaculture is an extensive process that can be conducted at both freshwater and saltwater sources and requires efficient planning and management.

With the growing demand for fish, the fishery and aquaculture industry is booming. In the global aquaculture industry, with a share of 7% India is the second-highest producer of fish, preceded only by China.

Aquaculture is a demanding process and involves great skill and knowledge. By using fishery and aquaculture software, you can improve the quality and volume of fish production. It can ensure efficient management of the production process and optimization of resources.

Steps of fish farming and the use of software:

  • Hatching: This refers to the stage where fishes are bred, hatched from the eggs and reared. The right temperature and chemical structure of the water has to be monitored during hatching, this can be done via software.
  • Nursery: The nursery is where fishes are stored and fed, till they are ready for consumption. Movement tracking of fishes can be efficiently carried out with aquaculture software. When the fishes are of a good size and can be sold, they are harvested from the water body. 
  • Supply and Sales: After harvesting of fishes is conducted, you will have to supply the products to sellers. Fishery and aquaculture software can help you track supplies to all the markets that you serve. You can also track payment with the software.

NAVFARM is a fishery and aquaculture software developed by Prudence Technology that offers exceptional IT solutions to collect and analyze farm farming data, to ensure improvement in performance and increased profitability. There are many benefits of using NAVFARM to track and manage aquaculture operations. 

  1. Data optimization: NAVFARM can help you collect data regarding the production of fishes and the impact of various measures taken, including salinity, oxygen, feeding, water quality, and temperature. It provides a final analysis that helps you ascertain whether the measures helped increase cultivation and quality.
  2. Monitor Measures: Using the software will only let you collect and use data, but also take effective improvement measures. It enables the user to change the diet of the fishes and the water quality. You can also manage the levels of salinity and oxygen in the water.
  3. Save Money: When you can identify whether certain measures are fruitful or not, you can cut on the production costs. You can channelize your resources towards measures that help in increasing the quality of production. 
  4. Increased Connectivity: NAVFARM increases connectivity between employees to coordinate various production activities of aquaculture. It enables the user to get access to production data from any remote location.

By using Navfarm you will get the complete control of your fishery and aquaculture operations, at your fingertips. To learn more about the services we offer, click here