At NAVFarm we enable farmers that there are three things that a self-observant farmer does. Here are the things: 

Best Management Practices, Quality Feed, and Effective Veterinary Products

Here’s the detailed explanation of the 3 key things which make the poultry the best farming eco-system.

1. Best Management Practices

10 parents can all have children of the same age, grow up in the same neighbourhood, go to the same school. What if management is different? Will the children of one parent be more responsible than the other?

Management is knowing what to do or not to do. Management is raising chickens in the right way.

It’s all about you as a farmer: Are you changing the bedding on time, is your bedding thick enough, are you providing adequate ventilation, are you getting them warmed up, are you changing the water on time etc.

If you fail to do what you are supposed to do that’s the poor management. If you do what you shouldn’t do that’s also the poor management. Poor management is even worse because it can make any quality feed, ineffective. Poor management costs you a lot of money and eats out your profits.

Poor management is like a hole with a hole, it costs a lot of money but it is not full and it does not seem to work. NAVFarm realized that poor management was due to a lack of expert knowledge. So it sought out experts who refined it as a sculpture and sent it to the country to fight the scourge of poor management


If you want to make a profit out of raising broilers, do not make short cuts per feed, do not feed waste without nutrients or crush to give straight feed, do not deprive your chickens feed do pour the feed and keep it full.

The hen should sleep during the day with its head in a feeding trough with quality feed. No feed is wasted when given to birds that are doing The NAVFarm Way, there is high return on investment.

Don’t be intimidated by the limiter if you see them feeding – this is the screen you just keep feeding. Actually they quickly get mature in 5 weeks and you will save at least 2 × 50kgs bags of feed per batch. Money is not for the farmer!


Broom does not sweep the house, owner sweeps it. But a broom helps the householder to clean up after himself.

What does this mean? Chickens are raised by the quality veterinary products they are raised by their owners and the way owners take care of the chickens. However the food and medicine are tools that help the farmer to raise his chickens.

As a result, farmer X can raise chickens the better way than farmer Y. Because he is able to use the tools he has to manage his flock. Recommended products have been found to be very effective by many farmers which is why all farmers are now rushing to use them happily.

Medicines make life easier: You don’t have to take the medicine every now and then. If you follow the instructions by the veterinarian, you get the results chop chop.



The NAVFarm Way! The Only Way!