navfarm Can Increase You Farm Profitability by 55% | Here’s How

Farmers are in love with navfarms  agri-based ERP system as they have witnessed profit more than ever. Here are some of the features that make Navfarm a trusted choice:

navfarm comes with a dedicated crop rotation chart which can analyse histogram and provide you with ideal crop cycle to increase your field’s soil fertility. This can prove handy for managing a number of harvests when proper timing and scheduling of seeding is cannot be implemented.

A simple feature of weather analysis and forecasts helps in avoiding probable loss due to unfavorable weather conditions. navfarm warns you ahead of such possibilities, so that you do not have to regret later on.

Best Farm Management Software enables you with an understanding of plant growth and risks of diseases across the entire farm as well as every specific field. If there is a pest or disease outbreak, the harmed field is immediately picked out to let the user know of unavoidable measures.

navfarm comes with NDVI analysis of satellite imagery that permits farmers to check crop condition and identify any anomaly. With these images, users can track seed coverage and germination, crop growth, photosynthesis in plants, and other details.

Farmers can choose the most suitable crop type for their land by comparing different sorts of vegetation at sprout points, yield levels, and resistance to bugs through Variety selection. They can also come across other professional’s feedback on certain crops.

Farmers with navfarm by their side have Drill maps and soil maps to specify several types of soil on a field map. This profile of any land warrants an in-depth knowledge of soil texture, compaction, moisture retention and root zone depth to select some optimal crop varieties and their farming methods.

The gatekeeper in the ER system aggregates information about fields which is then transported to the platform into the Import History, where farming managers can later make changes if required.  Each field of a farming owner can now be visible on the map with details like their size, location, ownership, and farmed crop with agriculture management software.

An interactive operations interface with aids the farmers to envisage the workflow while being able to measure progress and come up with operational plans. With each process being completed, the same is reflected on the board making sure you are right on your schedule.