When we buy something, we want to buy the best thing, be it a utility item or any software. The idea is to get the optimum benefits of a product to achieve the highest outcomes. The same is the case with livestock management software also. There are myriad options in the market, but choosing the best software to manage Livestock will make things a lot easier and better. Here in this post, we will discuss the features you should look for in livestock management software.

Here we go……. 

What is the Livestock Management Software?

Livestock refers to cattle; however, it also includes other animals such as goats, chickens, pigs, and rabbits. While livestock management software is an application that helps farmers and livestock managers optimize their farm. With the software’s help, farmers can record and track Livestock, from birth to sale, and everything in between. Livestock management software usually offers animal inventory management, from the number of Livestock to weight, height, health, and fertility, feed costing and performance metrics, reporting, advanced analytics, and insights, financial tracking, expense record management, etc.

The software can make the management of a farm incredibly smoother. People who use livestock management software have recorded 40% higher growths and productivity than those who still use traditional cattle management methods. Not only this, in fact, they could save a lot of time, energy, and money in the process. This is the time to opt for SMART methods of cattle management.

Now, the question is how to know which the best software to manage Livestock is?

Well, it is very easy to find out – any software that offers you all that you need to manage your Livestock, from data management to inventory management, financial management to report production, etc. qualifies for inclusion in the best Livestock Management Software category.

Presently, the best software to manage Livestock is NAVFarm. This is because it provides you everything that you need to have proper control over your cattle farm. It has been rated the best software in the market. This is because of the following features that make NAVFarm the best software to manage Livestock. Take a look……

1. The better organization of cattle farm

Managing your Livestock without a proper tool is not easy. The first thing that you need to understand that your farm and your cattle are one. This means everything on your farm, from your cattle to yield, equipment to customers, and finance, are interconnected. Hence, it becomes really mandatory to have a system with which you can have everything in one place. It will help you synchronize your farm business. Know that synchronization of tasks is the first step to growth and success.

NAVFarm allows you to organize your farm. It helps you have an in-depth information of your farm, streamline farm operations, track records of breeding, treatments and total yields for your Livestock, and much more.

2. Improved Yields

Of course, when you will use the right tool to manage your farm, you will automatically have improved yields. Know that your outputs are directly proportional to your inputs. With livestock management software, you can save a lot of time because all the time-consuming tasks, such as maintaining data, managing records, report production, etc. will be handled by the software. You can use this time in your core activities, which will result in improved yields and better performance.

3. Flexibility

NAVFarm is a flexible and robust application that adapts to your operation very conveniently. With this incredible software, you can run your cattle farm your way and enhance efficiency and optimize your farm operations. The best thing is that it is suitable for all sizes and types of livestock management farms, from small-sized cattle farms to large cattle management firms.

4. Planning and Tracking

Planning and tracking are more manageable with NAVFarm. It is a comprehensive platform that enables you to plan coherently, track activities in real-time, and make the best decisions. You don’t need to keep mental track of tasks; in fact, this software will suggest when and how to conduct specific activities. For instance, your herd vaccination is an important task, but you don’t need to remember it. This application will do it for you. You will get timely alerts and notifications so that you can optimize your day-to-day tasks on the farm. 

5. Streamline Operations

Gain valuable insight into your cattle farm business with NAVFarm. It enables you to streamline your business operations. Identify market trends, understand your return on investment, and discover which Livestock or processes generate the best results. It lets you access actionable data instantly and make favorable decisions.

6. Reports Production

Reports are significant in the farm business. Now and then, you need to produce reports. However, producing reports with traditional methods consumes all your time. And “TIME IS MONEY,” that is why it becomes vital to have a system. With software, you can produce reports in NO TIME. With NAVFarm, you can get all the information pertinent to your cattle farm instantly. It saves a lot of time, effort, and energy!

7. Financial Management

NAVFarm Livestock Management Software can help you track, control, and monitor your cash flows in real-time. Besides, you can keep track of your purchase and expenses, as well as you can make or receive payments via this platform.

8. Deliveries Management

You cannot keep the mental track of your deliveries; in fact, nobody could ever. This is something that has to be done systematically to understand the return on investments. But software can do it for you. You can have full control over your deliveries without any disparity. 

9. Alerts and Notifications

Believe it or not, advanced information on things pertaining to your cattle farm can help you grow tremendously. NAVFarm is explicitly designed to help farm owners grow their businesses. Alerts and notifications are one of the best features of this app. It enables you to stay abreast of your business and market trends. You can have information on everything, from the market price to the total payment, feeds to the flock, etc. 

10. Increased Productivity

Last, but certainly not least, increased productivity. Increased productivity is what any farm manager aims for. If you are not able to improve farm work orders, then definitely there is something wrong. You need to need a system to track everything you need in one secure location and collaborate with your staff to organize and improve farm activities. Whether you want to improve livestock breeding, optimize grazing rotations, understand and improve profits, or run a more productive operation, you can do all that with NAVFarm.

On top of it, NAVFarm is a user-friendly app. This means you do not have to be tech-savvy to use this app. You can use it on multiple devices, such as a computer, smartphone, tablets, etc.