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Dairy & Distribution

Dairy Product & Distribution

One of the critical bi products from Livestock farming is Milk & milk related products which are still among primary sources of protein for Human Race. With Dairy products also being vulnerable to various factors has always been associated with expiry. Hence not only proper distribution is essential but consumption in a timely manner is also very important. Prudence Technology via NAVFarm helps in proper dairy product management and distribution.

Live Stock Management
  • Livestock counts by state, breed type and vaccination
  • Feed Consumption Information
  • Revenues, Expenses and Profit/Loss
Milk Yield Management
  • Livestock daily milk yield-morning and evening includes Fat & SNF.
  • Dairy Farm daily milk production-morning and evening includes Fat & SNF
Feed management
  • Feeding Strategy Definition
  • Auto record of feed consumption based on feeding strategy.
  • Feed consumption history
  • Ingredient list & rates
  • Feed formulas & cost
Provisions Management
  • Helps to benefit from markets prices if dairy farm preparing own cattle feed.
Stock Management
  • Stock Register
  • Procurement Entry
  • Stock Transfer
Vendor Management
  • Quality
  • Stock
  • Ageing
Distribution Network
  • Procurement
  • Stock
  • MIS

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