The Concept


Agriculture has been the most traditional and effective mean of managing the civilization. Yet the sector has been un-structured primarily due to lack of awareness, education and innovative application to manage business needs. Most of the methods used are primarily focused on changing the traditional ways keeping them unsuccessful or un-accepted to major part of the society.

Understanding the key challenges and nature of the users Prudence Technology has built NAVFARM™, which is an effective application to manage the Farms and livestock’s. NAVFARM™ not only helps managing Farms and livestock’s but also contributes to manage the bookkeeping, food processing and its distribution, production along with critical report in scheduled manner. NAVFARM™ also integrates through way-bridges to give you complete automation. NAVFARM™ is a user friendly Business solution integrated with ERP Systems like Microsoft Dynamics etc. NAVFARM™ helps organizations to better understand their business and make more confident decisions.

One of the product USP is managing FCR for the system. Using NAVFARM™ effectively you can achieve your FCR under following ratios:


Organizations can explore, monitor and analyze data and then use it to plan, mitigate risk, and take action through in depth capability of the NAVFARM™. They can improvise in decision making and performance.