About Company

Prudence Technology

Incorporated in 2010 in the National Capital Region (NCR), New Delhi, India, Prudence Technology Pvt. Ltd. is a broad-spectrum information technology (IT) service provider. With its presence spread across different locations in the NCR, the company brings on board more than 100 man-years of cumulative global experience across various industries. Backed by the top leadership comprising of some of the best talents from the leading global IT companies, Prudence promises enhanced service delivery and maximum benefits from the IT investments, for its customers. Continued emphasis on quality has earned us an impressive list of clients and business partners.

Prudence is a reliable provider of IT solutions that cut across different industries and facilitate technology adoption through a consultative approach. A team of highly experienced consultants provides advisory at each step, helping the customers understand and implement IT solutions as business enablers.

Our core competency lies in enterprise-wide solutions in the following areas – Enterprise Apps like ERPs, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, Integration using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) & Business Process Management (BPM) consulting, Mobile Apps, and Oracle technology-based solutions.

Prudence practices process-based approach for an effective IT program delivery. Our program delivery methodology has been moderated from the real life experience of delivering enterprise wide IT solutions for global customers in the US, Europe, Middle East, African and Indian markets. To make these processes more robust and reliable we constantly monitor and upgrade these methodologies to meet the ever-changing business challenges.

On the philosophy of “CAS (Customer Acquisition & Satisfaction)”, Prudence has worked its way through by delivering business solutions to more than 55 satisfied customers in different verticals. We derive our continued success through the foundation laid down by the senior management whose diverse experience in global top 5 IT companies was the force behind our core philosophies and methodologies which have been diligently and meticulously followed and adhered to, for every small and big step.

The underlying principle followed in our executions is that any organization goes through an IT journey unique to itself but having more or less a similar route of “Discover IT”, “Consult IT”, “Implement IT”, “Sustain IT”, “Enhance IT” and finally “Getting IT right”.

Hence before going on to propose a business solution, Prudence tries to understand the pulse of the organization; as to where it stands in terms of this journey. accordingly, the right methodology is followed to help them grow and nurture in adopting and rightly executing the purposeful Enterprise solution.