How it works


Created with the help of MS Dynamics, the Poultry layer management system is created to support the hatcheries to retain a consistent process that records the valuable data from multiple sources while reducing any probability of errors. This is to say that the hatchery management software records all the transactions and activities in a datasheet which are included in hatchery covering all the different aspects, right from day-old chicks to hatching of chicks. Some of the best functions of this software are candling, temperature and humidity record keeping. This solution also the best choice for broiler management system and breeder management software.

Specifically made for efficient poultry farming practices, this software is extremely helpful in monitoring and managing the poultry farm practices. This software solution is also extremely helpful in layer farming. In addition to getting a comprehensive performance of hatcheries, this software also monitors all the cost related aspects. This software will help to focus better on managing poultry practices and egg production. In other words, you will get significant data that will help you know the performance by comprehending where do your poultry practices stand and what steps must be taken to increase productivity. Presenting the data on important key indicators, this software will allow you to take action on all aspects of poultry and hatcheries which are not doing well.



  • Efficient cost tracking as a result of recording all cost related aspects.
  • Better inventory control.
  • Absolute traceability from flock to the final chicks.
  • Advance planning and scheduling for the setter to the hatcher.
  • Graphical presentation of the MIS.

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