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Farm Equipment

The industry of farm equipment helps in facilitating global production while feeding the vast population. Through MS Dynamics, Prudence Technology has developed farm inventory management software that assists the farm industry in managing the business operations. This innovative software uses new age tools and applications, business processes, high-quality integration techniques that optimize business operations. Features like single sign-on and interoperability with Office 365 Apps and Excel help the farm equipment manufacturers to achieve maximum business benefits. As a result of a constant change in economic conditions and severe competition, this inventory management software makes sure that the farm equipment businesses get maximum benefits as a result of this breakthrough technology.


How Prudence Technology Delivers Business Value?

The objectives of a poultry farm equipment business are pretty simple, it is to use the resources optimally and avoid any equipment breakdown. The NAVFarm inventory management software India is primarily created to help businesses plan the operations, purchases while saving money and scheduling of all maintenance tasks. This is to say that the farm equipment should last longer and the work must produce better results. The implementation team has designed this software with better farm maintenance in mind. What is more, it is the fact that it can be accessed from any internet device to help you control the business processes even when you are out in the field.

  • Single Sign On
  • Interoperability with Office 365 Apps and Excel


  • Easy, quick and safe access to vital information
  • Optimum cash management
  • Cash flow forecast
  • Assembly Management
    • Improving customer service
    • Reducing inventory
  • Enhancement reports
  • Feature of Excel Add-in for Ad-hoc reporting
  • Feature of Excel integration to query
  • Quick item availability by timeline and event
  • Better planning enhancement
    • Time bucket
    • Rescheduling period
    • Lot accumulation period
    • Overflow level
  • Dampener period and quantity
  • Enhanced warehouse
  • Inventory movements recording
  • Additional default bins and dedicated bins
  • Increased service management
  • Jobs Wip calculation compliance


  • Inventory visibility and better control solution
  • Inventory Visibility and Control Solution
  • Prudence Asset Utilization and Optimization Solution
  • Prudence Supply Chain Risk Mitigation Solution
  • Prudence Complete Finance Management Solution
  • Prudence Complete Manufacturing Solution
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Solution.

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