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Prudence Technology has built NAVFARM™, which is an effective application to manage Farms and livestock. NAVFARM™ not only helps to manage Farms and livestock’s but also contributes to managing the bookkeeping, food processing, and its distribution, production along with the critical report in a scheduled manner. NAVFARM™ also integrates through way-bridges to give you complete automation.

Feed Conversion Ratio

Online real time calculation of the FCR on the basis of the data entered by the users in the farm house.

Farm Activity Scheduling

Advance scheduling of the vaccinations, feeds, health checks as per the defined parameters. Material procurement planning as per the scheduled table.

Online Reporting

Reporting about the consumption, receipt of the goods, dispatch of the material in the real time from farm house to the HO.

Animal Mortality Reduction

Advance predication and parameter controls can prevent the mortality of the Animals, hence helping the farm owners to achieve a lower mortality ratio.


Traceability to the flock numbers and FCR monitoring as per flock helps in identifying the quality of the flock by the suppliers.


Since so many input factors go into the making of the end product; hence loaded cost calculation is a vital parameter, we help you in calculating flock wise / shed wise / farmhouse wise / enterprise wide cost of the end product.