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  • Bounty Feeds
  • Bounty Farms
  • Bounty Hatchery

Georgetown, Guyana



  • 3 million DOCs per month
  • 1 Feed Plants
  • 5 Sales Centers
  • 800 Tonnes Feed Per Day

Agriculture & Livestock


  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • 2017
  • NAVFarm Livestock Management
  • NAVOne Food and Dairy Retail
  • NAVCube Business Intelligence

About NAVFarm

NAVFarm is an effective application to manage from Farm to Fork. NAVFARM™ also helps managing Bookkeeping, Inventory, Production, Food Processing & Distribution along with exceptional reporting in scheduled manner. NAVFarm also helps managing Slaughterhouse & Dairy Management. Please visit

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About Bounty Farms:

Bounty Farm Ltd. is a Poultry producer. Being the largest poultry producer in Guyana, they also manage retail meat. Bounty hatch their own chicks. Rear their birds on farms they own as well as sub-contracted farms. Slaughter and package their poultry and distribute packaged poultry products to their customers.

Apart from this they also manufacture their own feed mix for their farms as well for sale to other poultry

Why They Choose NAVFarm
Bounty Farms identified that being a big market that are already self sufficient with chicken, export from Guyana shall be tough. In order to fulfill the demand while ensuring quality is delivered, Mr. Patrick realized importance of standardizing processes within the organization.

Hence they decided to go onto NAVFarm to provide better access to Farm Data, Accurate FCR, Proper Daily Inventory, Real time Calculation of the yield of the Feed Plant etc. along with Integrated Finance and Supply Chain. Through NAVFarm Bounty Farm improved data capture and Standardization for the
major Processes.


  • Standardization of Process
  • Control on Quality
  • Flock Traceability
  • Inventory Movement
  • Calculating Egg Cost
  • Identifying P&L Farm-wise
  • Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)
  • Maintain Farmer History
  • Managing Shelf Life
  • Integration with Weighbridge


  • Batch Wise Inventory Movements.
  • Egg Costing on Single Click
  • Actual Vs. Standard Analysis
  • Improved Stock Valuations
  • Better Planning & Forecasting
  • Single Source of Truth
  • Organized Inventory System
  • Analysis like Ageing, Cash Flow etc
  • Improved Sales Distribution
  • Auto Reconciliations
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