Biyinzika Farms

NAVFarm Customer

  • Biyinzika Feeds
  • Biyinzika Farms
  • Biyinzika Processing
  • Biyinzika Retail

Kampala, Uganda


Key Business Measures

  • 3,00,000 Broiler Egg/Month
  • 1,00,000 Layer Egg/Month
  • 10 Contract Farm
  • 48000 Broiler Bird/Week
  • 02 Hatchery (Capacity 16,20,000 Eggs/Month)
  • 42 Retail Sales Centers
  • 12.5 Tones/Hour (Pallet Feed)

Agriculture & Livestock

Solution Implemented

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • NAVFarm Livestock Management
  • NAVOne Retail

About NAVFarm:

An effective application to manage the Feed, Farms and Livestock. NAVFARM™ also helps managing bookkeeping, inventory, production, food processing and distribution along with exceptional reporting in scheduled manner. Please visit our website for more information

About Prudence Technology:

Prudence Technology is a premium consulting firm and is Gold Partner of Oracle and Microsoft Solutions that cut across different industries through a consultative approach.


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Biyinzika Farms Improves Mortality By 10%, HealthBy 26% and Productivity By 32%

About Biyinzika Farms:

From grain sourcing to supplying poultry feed, establish a large presence in Uganda’s poultry market. BPIL has the largest feed mill in the country and around 50% of the broiler and day-old-chicks market, while it sells its products to everyone from small-scale farmers, to the more established operators that, in turn, serve the end consumer. BPIL in into Parent, Layer, Hatchery, Broiler, Feed, Food Processing and Equipment

Why BPIL Choose NAVFarm:
Need for the unified system to provide single platform for managing the business effectively, the BIPL team decided to upgrade their existing platform of Microsoft Dynamics. Once they identified with NAVFarm they can manage farms effectively from breeder, layer, hatchery and broiler, integrated with Finance and Supply Chain. They also operate their feed processing and abattoir within the single application framework, using of management information provided help in advance decision making.

Single application with integrated workflow to manage Feed, Farm, Production, Food, etc. Some of the effective advantages of using NAVFarm are:

Farm Operation

  • Efficient Farm Management
  • Manage critical features and parameters like Feed Intake, Traceability, Vaccine Schedules,
  • Track consumption parameter for effective costing.
  • MIS like Weekly Body Growth, Multiple Price List, FCR, Egg costing, ageing analysis etc
  • Reduced Mortality and real time information on cull chicks.
  • Brooding Daily Transaction
  • Lifting Efficiency Monitoring
  • Reduction of manual work and insufficient farm data
  • Advance planning and scheduling for the setter to the hatchery
  • Manage Bird Life cycle & Overhead Cost Allocation

Food Processing

  • Auto Product Expiry Calculation
  • Production Performance Indicators
  • Efficient Food Traceability
  • Quality management and movement of food products
  • Complete tracking of wastes and by-products
  • Packaging & Dispatch Management
  • Discount handling, schemes, and promotional offers
  • Retail Sales

Feed Plant

  • Batch Wise Production
  • Formulation and Version Management
  • Feed Segregation (Commercial / In-House Consumption)
  • Minimum Stock Alert
  • Use multiple units of measure for the same ingredients.
  • Track regulated ingredients by lot number to meet bookkeeping and Traceability requirements.
  • Print numerous inventory reports to track product availability, costs, pricing and sales history.
  • Schemes & Retail Sales

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