How it works

Feed Manufacturer

Prudence Technology has collaborated with Microsoft Dynamics to meet the business requirements of multiple and single-site feed producers. Whether you need to handle the complexity of tracing every batch of raw material or identify the margin on every order line, our integrated solution helps cater to these business requirements.

Prudence Technology has designed Microsoft Dynamics specifically for the feed manufacturing industry to give you all the functionality and information access you need to manage your feed business effectively, enabling you to enhance customer service, maximize margins, manage costs, and Increase sales revenue.

The solution records all the transactions and activities involved in a Feed Mill, these solutions integrate Purchases, Sales, Expenses, Feed Formulation, Feed Production and Accounting. Depending on the Geographical, Climatic Conditions, Age and Availability of Raw Materials, different Feed Formulae are adapted by the Farmers. A separate module is included in this system to develop cost-effective formulae.


With Feed Management you can track:

  • Feed Standards
  • Feed Formula
  • Production Unit
  • Feed Formula with Standards
  • Feed Formula with Costing
  • Feed Production
  • Raw Material Transfer
  • Feed Transfer
  • Production Summary

Some of the noted benefits from the solution are:

  • Create manufactured feed and custom-blend formulas directly in the MS Dynamics NAV, and invoice customers for those products and services.
  • Create batches as you invoice for feed, apply grain bank from the Commodity Manager, and/or use the company-owned grain that you are selling to the customer.
  • Create mix sheets and batches for later billing.
  • Choose from a variety of mix sheet styles.
  • Use multiple units of measure for the same ingredients.
  • Track regulated ingredients by lot number to meet bookkeeping and traceability requirements.
  • Print numerous inventory reports to track product availability, costs, pricing and sales history.
  • Report by item, product code or category, and by lot tracked items.
  • Audit trail for physical adjustments allows for accurate account of physical inventory.
  • Receive and pay for all types of inventory items for single and multiple locations. Return received inventory just as easily.
  • One step to update prices across multiple locations.
  • Transfer inventory between locations, from one window.
  • Automatically create payable while receiving inventory, or receive inventory and create payable later.
  • Track products, services, COGs and FIFO cost per item.
  • Calculate pricing by item or price code based on last cost, average cost, market value, markup or margin.
  • Control who can access inventory and track who makes adjustments.

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