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Farm Equipment

Farm equipment industries facilitate global production and help feed vast populations. They benefit immensely from new technology that are innovative and help optimize operations. Rapid changes in global economic conditions and intense competition from emerging markets make it imperative for this segment to get the maximum benefits from cutting-edge technology.

How Prudence Technology Delivers Business Value?

Prudence Technology has built farm equipment solution to quickly bring in efficiency. Using advanced tools and applications, proven business processes and flawless integration, our high-value, strategic consulting has helped leading farm equipment manufacturers achieve business benefits through:

  • Single Sign On
  • Interoperability with Office 365 Apps and Excel

MS Dynamics provides data over the Internet and gives users easy, simple and secure access to relevant information. The list of features includes:

  • Financial Management Cash Management
    • Transfer costs from G/L
    • Enter and post internal charges and allocations directly in the Cost Accounting Cost journal
    • Predefine recurring cost allocation rules on Cost Allocation cards and execute in a batch job
    • Undo Allocations
    • Cost budgets and transfer cost budget entries to actual entries
  • Financial Management Cash Flow Forecast
  • Assembly Management
    • Reduce Inventory
    • Boost Customer Service
  • Reporting Enhancements
  • EXCEL Add-In for AD-HOC Reporting
  • EXCEL Integration to Query
  • Item availability by timeline
  • Item availability by event
  • Supply Planning Enhancement
    • Time Bucket
    • Rescheduling Period
    • Lot Accumulation Period
    • Overflow Level
  • Dampener Period
  • Dampener Quantity
  • Enhanced Warehouse
  • Inventory Movements
  • Additional Default Bins and Dedicated Bins
  • Enhanced Integration to Service Management
  • Job and Service Management
  • Jobs Wip Calculation Compliance
Key Business benefits are:
  • Inventory Visibility and Control Solution.
  • Prudence Asset Utilization and Optimization Solution.
  • Prudence Supply Chain Risk Mitigation Solution.
  • Prudence Complete Finance Management Solution.
  • Prudence Complete Manufacturing Solution.
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Solution.

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